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WOE: Keeping it simple- Hi Fat, Mod Protein and Lo Carb
Start Date: 1.26.2004 - 1st time. This time 7.3.2016

Brunch: Lite English Muffin toasted with ICBINB spray and one hard boiled egg sliced, coffee with splenda and SF creamer

Dinner - Seafood Queasadilla (Low carb/high fiber tortilla, 2 artificial crab legs and 1 WW White Cheddar triangles folded over and nuked for 45 seconds)
Green beans almondine (whole package - I was STARVING)
SF jello

Snack - a piece of chocolate cake from the Chinese bakery that someone from my family had for breakfast, ate all the cream out of, and left a small piece behind. Um, yeah - like THAT was going in the garbage.

Still stayed within my 600 calorie limit though, total for the day - 578

If you want something badly enough, you'll find a way. If you don't you'll find an excuse.

Team in Trainining alumni - San Diego marathon 2005. Half marathon in San Francisco 2007! Working hard to wipe out blood cancers.
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