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B: 1T EVCO, black tea
L: beef tendon pho
D: 2 eggs over-easy, spicy ground beef chili with asiago fresco topped with minced onions and fromage blanc, chicken salad with feta & artichokes
S: square of dark chocolate, homemade chocolate protein shake with 1 egg

I'm beyond stuffed and I haven't had the shake yet, which puts me at only 1260 calories. Even if I have the shake, it'll only bump it up to 1600. I'll need 200 more calories after that...just not happening today. This is so abnormal for me. Must be because I ate over my DD and went up to 625 calories yesterday from ovulation hunger.
* wheat/gluten-free
* whole foods and low carb
* goal reached on 7/2/2012
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