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A 550-calorie DD here -

60 - 1/2 apple
240 - Subway Veggie Delight 6 inch
0 - Coke Zero
110 - 1/2 of Zipp's idea of guacamole/salsa/sour cream on salad
140 - 4 ounces of Kozy Shack chocolate pudding

Mitsa, for MOST of the WOMEN who want to lose on this way of eating, Dr. Johnson found that a way to simplify, especially in the first two weeks of learning, was to to just shoot for 500 calories every other day. For men, of course, it wasn't as likely to be that simple, and they were more likely to need to use the calculator. You are smaller than most women who would begin the program, so it makes sense that you might consider smaller DD calories, even from the first. That doesn't mean you have to - either way will likely give you results! Do what feels right to you.

Thank you to Dawn for suggesting yesterday the smart phone check from the restaurant. Right - if I hadn't been so sure I could find the calories whenever I needed them, I would have done that and realized the site was down BEFORE I ate. Btw, I was only up 1/2 pound this morning, so I think I hit it pretty close after all. (luck!)
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