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Originally Posted by Buttercup204 View Post
Today was going to be a DD but after discussing our plans for Memorial Day tomorrow (mostly travel) I decided today was the day to be able to eat the BBQ we are planning. So tomorrow is a DD. I find DDs to be much easier while traveling.

So I'm doing Atkins foods today...well like most every UD...

B: scrambled eggs w/egg beaters (need to use them up) and fresh bits of bacon mixed in w/ a sprinkle of shredded cheddar, coffee (new flavored kind - butter toffee, yum!) and HWC.

L: not sure yet maybe pork chop w/salad and left over veggie medley from last night

D: BBQ rib eye steak and mashed cauliflower (the rest of the family will have mashed taters) and grilled asparagus or stir fried cabbage in bacon drippings, or both! Oh and homemade LowCarb beef gravy.

Dessert?: maybe hot cocoa (homemade lc) w/ whipped cream.
Scratch that, opting for a dd today anyways, feeling very tired and not like celebrating.

Tomorrow I hope I'm feeling more rested, but my kids brought a lovely cold to the house from school so I guess it's my turn to get it. Ugh.

B: same as above
L: protein shake
D: protein shake

Have a great day all!
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