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1. How much did you weigh when you started JUDDD?

167 pounds

2. When did you start JUDDD, how long did it take before you saw a loss from it, and how much did you lose?

Started JUDDD on 9th June 2012 and two days later i had lost 2 pounds, i've lost steadily since then and as of today, 20th July weigh in at 150 pounds

3. Did you have any unusual issue with weight loss (gaining too much, losing too much, stall, etc.), why, and what did you do about it?

Not so far, my losses have slowed quite a bit now but it's so easy to stick to this woe that even after a DD that turns into a MD (like yesterday!) i just carry on with the rotations without getting too stressed about it. At this moment in time i try to keep my carbs below 50-60g a day, i've recently gone wheat free because of internal problems.

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