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1. How much did you weigh when you started JUDDD?

155 1/2 lbs.

2. When did you start JUDDD, how long did it take before you saw a loss from it, and how much did you lose?

I lost after my first DD.

3. Did you have any unusual issue with weight loss (gaining too much, losing too much, stall, etc.), why, and what did you do about it?

I've only lost 2 1/2 lbs since I began JUDDD in May. HOWEVER, I'm not discouraged. I feel a whoosh coming soon

The reason I'm not discouraged is the many many posts about letting your body heal. I was on Atkins for 3 months, lost 19 lbs, but stalled. I wasn't having fun keeping myself to mainly low carb. Reading about JUDDD gave me hope of living "normal" - at least every other day. And I believe it can and will work for me.

I also went on vacation for 2 weeks and had family visit for 1 week. I gained 5 lbs. (went up to 158) but back down to 153 (where I started) in only 2 DDs.

Also, there is definitely a learning curve with this WOE - learning how my body responds to different foods, and determining what the numbers should be - especially on DDs.

Today was my 3rd DD since getting back, and I'm looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow and see if more has come off.

Start Date: 12/1/2011 (Atkins)
Start Weight: 174 lbs. (12/1/11 - Atkins)
Start Date: 155.5 (5/8/2012 JUDDD)
Restart Weight: 161.5 lbs. (4/1/2013)
CW: 160.0 lbs.
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