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Originally Posted by Jazzhands View Post
This thread is such an inspiration.

For coffees:
*1 Tbsp HWC + 1 Tbsp. white choc. + 1 Tbsp. Raspberry tastes to me just like the brand international delight white chocolate raspberry coffee creamer.
*1 Tbsp. HWC + 1 Tbsp. white choc. + 1 Tbsp. peppermint. (Over ice is great) Tastes just like the iced lattes I used to get at starbucks. Great for the holidays.

I am going to try out a flavor like blackberry + black cherry using my sodastream and see how it turns out.

I'm hoping to find a sugar free syrup that is butter flavored, lol. I would LOVE to make a buttermint white chocolate cocoa or a buttermint coffee. (Although now that I think of it, I could blend up a coffee with white chocolate, peppermint and real butter and that would work)
These all sound so good. I tried the Monan chocolate and had to toss it out. But the Monan strawberry is delicious.
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