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No, no gelatin. It is so thick, and creamy. I am definately NOT having any today, as I do not want to start a habit and expectation in my mind for daily deserts. Once I move to owl, I can add it to mornings with some melon or berries, but I am a long way off from that.

I never really thought about refreshing my cultures, in the past I found using my own yoghurt as a starter sufficient and less grainy over time. Although this cream yoghurt has none of the graininess of some homemade milk yoghurts. Natural yoghurts are not available in my city, I have to order them, so i usually only get a new starter when returning from a trip overseas. I make it last.

I had one idea though. I could freeze this in popsicle holders as a frozen yoghurt - yum.
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