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Originally Posted by luckiangel View Post
Thanks Laura! I will have to remember to try that!! Do you just put it in regular plain yogurt? Or is there a particular brand that is better than others??
Hi Luckiangel,
Everyone here talks about Fage yogurt but I live in a smallish town and can't find it anywhere. What I found is the Brown Cow brand and yes it is plain. I can barely afford its carbs (it has 9 per 7 oz carton). I understand the Fage has less and also why I am interested in making my own low carb. The Brown Cow brand is found in healthfood stores and in grocery stores with health food sections. It is made with milk with no rBGH and the only ingredients are milk, 4 kinds of live bacteria and pectin. It is full fat and very rich tasting, it even has a layer of cream on top. I love yogurt and am willing to donate some of my carbs to it. I have eaten it plain which is Ok but when I put the extract and a splenda packet in it, it turned into a very tasty dessert. It is the kind of treat that could save me from eating something I shouldn't.
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