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3 Carb Homemade Yogurt

For those who can't buy Hood's yogurt I want to share my recipe for homemade. It's delicious, easy and only 3 carbs per cup. I heat a half-gallon of Hood's Carb Countdown milk to 180 degrees (to kill any bacteria). Since I like mine a bit thick I dissolve a package of Knox gelatin in a few tablespoons of cool water, microwave it till boiling and add this to the cooked milk. Then let the milk cool to 115 degrees (2-3 hours). After it has cooled add one small carton or 2-3 heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt that has active yogurt cultures - be sure to read the carton to make sure it has active cultures! You could use powdered culture but I can't find it here. I pour this into quart mason jars but any containers would work as long as they are very clean. Put them down into an ice-chest and fill it to the neck of the bottles with the hottest tap water available - not boiling. Let these sit 6-12 hours. The longer it sits the more tart it will be. I usually remove half to 3/4 of the water after 4-5 hours and replace with hot tap water again. You'll know when it's yogurt because you'll see a solid core kinda' pull away from the sides of the jar when you tilt it. After refrigerating it I add a package of Clight (Mexican form of Crystal Light) because it comes in such great flavors like Mango, Pina Colada and Peach with Jasmin. I suppose a tub of Crystal Light would work the same but I'm not very familiar with that. Davinci syrups would work as would any liquid flavorings plus sweetner. I also use unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid and add sweetner and some crushed frozen strawberries. I have strained it through cheesecloth and it came out very thick like a gorgeous Greek yogurt. I make granola for it with several kinds of nuts, a little bit of bran bud cereal and some textured vegetable protein which I have mixed with melted butter, Davinci French Vanilla syrup, cinnamon and Splenda and toasted in the oven. Makes such a great breakfast right now when it's sooooooo hot!

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