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Originally Posted by Bella View Post
Nancy I have to supplement with salt, too. More than what I can get from salting food.
I also drink salt water, and keep some besides my bed.
I ate very low sodium for 30+ years before starting LC again in March . . . so this is a big surprise.
Salting food can ruin the taste for me, so I'd rather enjoy the food and consume salt independently.

For me extra salt is the only thing that really works against serious leg cramps. Salt is the issue more than potassium for me -- although I also supplement with P and mag -- but salt is what does the trick for me. I have ordered some sodium supplements, thinking I'd rather swallow tabs than drinking salt water, although salt water is a big improvement over severe leg cramps.
This is very interesting, thank you. I had severe leg cramps, never entered my mind about sodium, I kept thinking low potassium, I even PM'd Emel on one thread about her drinking broth. Didn't realize it was this severe until hospital called about my blood test. FYI and update. Drank my water yesterday with a tsp of salt and no leg cramps at all last night
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