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I'm going to avoid the debate of how high our cholesterol should be for optimum health. The debate is ongoing in the research circles and I follow it with great interest.
I can tell you that "ratios" of the separate factors to each other and to the total seem to be emerging as the significant numbers.
More to the point of your initial inquiry....
I went lc within days of a lipid profile that i take every 3 months because of statin use.
I just got tired of having to take the drugs and my research convinced me that a lc woe would be more helpful than the drugs i was taking (lipitor and tricor)
So..... without consulting my doctor (not recommended) I stopped the tricor and went lc...3 months later I take another blood test....Voila!
ALL of my values improve (by current medical standards)
My total cholesterol went down.
My LDL went down.
My hdl went up
my triglycerides went WAY down
my ratios improved.
I eat ALOT of eggs, meat, dairy
so all that stuff about "avoid eggs meat and dairy for better cholesterol" is wrong.
IT's the carbs.
So now i'm well into phase two of my experiment.
I have continued to not take the tricor, but cut my 40 mg lipitor pill in half, so I'm taking half the prescribed dosage (still haven't consulted doc)
I"m scheduled for my next lipid profile in March and will report the results here I did last time.
This is very exciting for me. I actually improved my lipid profile by eliminating a medication using diet and exercise.
to be continued...
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