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Originally Posted by Daisyjane82 View Post

I know youre supposed to eat whatever you want on UP DAYS, but how many calories on average do you usually consume on an UD? I dont want to consume too few because I read the You gotta eat! thread and I dont want to fall into starvation mode.

Its almost lunch time and Im thinking I can really just go eat that cheeseburger? REALLY?
YES, you can eat that cheeseburger!! LOL At around 150, I'd shoot for about 2000 cals for the day give or take a few hundred. (I'm 142 and I try for 1600-2200) That is 3 nice sized meals. I used to "save up" for a big dinner and then found I wouldn't eat enough at dinner. It would screw up my DD as I would be hungry often. Now I try to be more balanced. Works for me - hope you find your balance. :-)
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