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Thanks Carly, Keiras Mom and Yennie!

I ended up having 2 glasses of white wine last night with my friend at the wine bar and I was definitely a ďcheap dateĒ. I felt like I had consumed an entire bottle and I was very light headed. I drank a lot of water after that and I was okay again. I think Iíll avoid alcohol during DD moving forward. If I do have a drink it will be ONE glass of wine. Not two. That also used up my remaining 200 calories. I would have rather had something more nutritious. Lesson learned.

I had my first successful down day. It really wasnít so bad. I wouldnít call down days ďfunĒ per se but it was not as hard as I imagined it would be.

Today is my UP day and I weighed in at 147.5 this morning. I probably shouldnít be weighing myself every day, but itís just so exciting to see progress! I had a delicious omelette this morning and Iím feeling great! I feel like I have more energy than usual which is awesome.

I know youíre supposed to eat whatever you want on UP DAYS, but how many calories on average do you usually consume on an UD? I donít want to consume too few because I read the ďYou gotta eat!Ē thread and I donít want to fall into starvation mode. I also donít want to eat so much that I gain everything back Iíve already lost. Itís hard for me because Iím used to dieting being about denying yourself the things you want. The idea of doing this only every other day is going to take some getting used to.

Itís almost lunch time and Iím thinking ďI can really just go eat that cheeseburger? REALLY?Ē
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