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Originally Posted by Yennie View Post
Yah, sadly, I think a lot of people have gotten that response. There are a couple threads on it specifically and the daily chat threads are full of it. Here's one:
Doing JUDDD without telling my family
I got a kinda poo-poo response when I first told people. I didn't tell anyone except my husband that I was going to try to start losing weight, I explained to him how I was going to do it and he was like whatever you wanna do babe! He's incredibly supportive. I eventually told my mom when I saw her in the beginning of March because she noticed the weight loss.
I tried to tell a couple people at work when I'd lost enough weight that it was noticeable. I got a phooey from them, but they still had to be respectful in their phooey-ing simply because of where I rank in the hierarchy of things so I'm sure I wasn't treated to their full opinion. Funny enough, they don't bat an eyelash at my potato days and, in fact, have attributed all of my weight loss to the potato days. People keep saying, "Gee, those potatoes are really working!" Sure, okay, its easier to let them think that. Since I combo my DDs and potato days then its just easier to say potatoes & rice. For some reason that I can't fathom, people are more comfortable with me eating nothing but potatoes or rice than they are with ADF, calorie cycling and JUDDD.
I think people secretly want us to fail. Skinny people don't want the competition. Overweight people don't want to be "shown up". (Previous statement acknowledged as a gross generalization.) Or, they want you to be suffering in your success. Visibly suffering. So maybe that's why my work people are ok with potatoes ("Oh, poor her, eating nothing but plain potatoes, how she must be suffering for her weight loss") but not ok with EOD fasting since I can eat anything I want (essentially) on my UDs. People are weird.
Talk to us, we're awesome.
Can I say this too: I secretly LOVE eating anything I want on UDs and flaunting it. My co-workers and family have been very supportive, but most of the people who want to lose weight (at work) are not willing to go this route. So, I just keep losing and eating sausage biscuits for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch.

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