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Lol, well came here to tell ya'll about the 10% off but Baricat beat me to it. So far after the pb cake that I made, I'm only using it in my coffee. And it's still a omg moment for me everytime that I fix a cup, just like what I remember coffee tasting like. If for the coffee alone, it's worth the price, although I don't drink much coffee. Looking forward to some homemade hot chocolate this winter using it, have really missed that. I would assume based on the texture, very granulated , like xylitol, that if you store it in a well sealed plastic or glass, it should keep indefinitely. I kept some xylitol for over 8 yrs one time. Why? duh, left the lc WOE and then picked it bk up when I became diabetic. The xylitol was stored in a food grade bucket, as at the time, I had ordered it in a 50lb bag, had about 20lbs in the bucket when I quit lc'ing. Because of the expense, I will only use it as a additive sweetner in sm. amts if needed, probably won't right now because I've already been able to figure out my sweetners for the things I need and they're all so much cheaper than the BS. So for now, it will be a coffee and hot chocolate sweetner.

Baricat, do you mind posting here your ice cream recipe? thks
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