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Thanks, English. Yet another !!

Adding to your list, one more sweetener that many of us keep in our baking/dessert arsenals is that of various syrups, such as Monin, DaVinci, and Torani. They are most valuable for use in liquid preparations, such as ice cream, but they have a role to play frequently in batters, such as in brownies, cheesecakes, etc. Because they are liquid, their use is contingent on figuring out how much you can use before the other liquids in the recipe will need to be altered. Monin and DaVinci (don't know enough about Torani to say if they do or don't) brands offer a flavorless syrup for the purpose of adding general sweetening without contributing a specific flavor. When the flavored versions are used, they not only flavor the item, but also increase the sweetness.

These syrups are almost always used in tandem with at least one other sweetener, so there's a corollary that supports English's point.
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