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You will need to get used to having different sweeteners to do different jobs. We typically didn't have just regular white sugar in our pantries, but also brown sugar, molasses, corn syrup, honey, powdered sugar, etc. It's really the same for alternative sweeteners, one size doesn't fit all.

If you're talking about strictly a granulated sugar replacement, Bochasweet works well, but it is a YMMV issue. Some people have experienced unpleasant side effects from it, so that's something to consider. Also, it is really, really, REALLY expensive, and the price alone right now makes it a companion sweetener and not a sole sweetener.
Also, apparently it does not caramelize, which means you will need a different sweetener if you plan to make caramel sauces and things like that.

Here are the sugar replacements I'm using right now:

Granulated sugar: Bochasweet, erythritol, Ideal

Brown sugar: Whey Low Brown, Just Like Sugar Brown

Powdered Sugar: Powdered erythritol, Ideal and Bochasweet

Corn syrup: Vitafiber syrup

Cocoa Mix: Lakanto Drinking Chocolate
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