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Baricat, I can't point to a source for my ages-old information. My bad.

I've never seen Grade B butter in a grocery store either. Doubt any store would carry it.

All I can tell you is that, to my taste buds, salted butter of any grade or provenance, has little to none of the rich, nutty flavor or aroma I get from Plugras or some of the other European-style cultured butters.

I'll go with my taste buds. Everyone should use whatever is pleasing to their tastes and pocketbook.

So many food items are very personal: what you like or don't, what you will spend or won't, what helps you stay on your dietary regime or doesn't, what agrees with your body or doesn't.

What we can do here is share our experiences. Some of them will help others, some won't.

C'est la vie!

Ginny in SC
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