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Ginny, I dug out my old culinary arts textbooks to seek answers.

The USDA grades butter as AA, A, or B. It must, by law, be clearly marked on the label in order to be sold in the US.

Grade AA
* Delicate, sweet cream flavor (both salted and unsalted) with a delicate, pleasing aroma
* Made from high quality, sweet, fresh cream
* Smooth, creamy texture with good spreadability
* May possess a slight feed flavor

Grade A
* Pleasing flavor
* Made from fresh cream
* Fairly smooth texture
* Rates close to top grade
* May possess the following flavors to a slight degree: acid, aged, bitter, coarse, flat, smothered or storage
* May possess feed flavor to a definite degree

Grade B:
* May have slightly acid flavor
* May possess any of the following flavors to a slight degree: Musty, malty, neutralizer, scorched, utensil, weed, whey
* May possess any of the following flavors to a definite degree: acid, aged, bitter, smothered, storage and old cream.
* May possess feed flavor to a pronounced degree.

So, for butter to be sold to consumers in this country, it must have a USDA grade clearly stamped on the container. This has been federal regulation for many decades.

It's pretty simple to make sure you're not getting inferior butter by looking for the grade AA designation. The only type that can use old cream (which is what I presume you meant by "stale cream") is grade B, which I have never seen before in a supermarket. And no degree of salting will cover that up.

Perhaps what you read was from a source outside the US. Here, salted butter is in no way inferior in quality to its unsalted counterpart. It is simply the same grade, with the addition of a small amount of finely pulverized salt.

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