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I first tasted European-style (cultured, that is) unsalted butter in an upscale restaurant many years ago. I couldn't believe how wonderful, buttery-nutty it tasted.

I haven't gone back to salted butter ever since. The European, unsalted butter IS more expensive but I wouldn't make a pie crust, special cake or cookie without it.

Trader Joe's used to carry Plugras (red wrapper) but discontinued it a long while back. Then I found it at Smart and Final, though I had to order a large quantity.

If you've ever watched an episode of Iron Chef, you'll see the Plugras red wrapper on the prep stations.

I can't get this butter where I live now but I have been able to find other decent brands of European-style unsalted. For what it's worth, I'm not in love with Kerrygold, though I've tried.

One other thing I read a long time ago: Manufacturers have to use fresher cream to make unsalted. Salt covers up the off taste of stale cream.

Ginny in SC
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