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Exercise is not necessary for weight loss. The type of diet doesn't matter; it has nothing to do with LC.

Exercise is important for health, as margame mentioned. It is also important for rechaping our bodies so we look good once that fat is lost. It is also important for maintaining loss of muscle while losing weight.

I think most of us struggle with finding a way to make exercise a habit. For a long time I tried walking & never enjoyed it. I found it boring & I tended to stroll rather than power-walk so I really did not feel I was burning many calories. If I was going to spend the time I wanted a better bang for my buck, so to speak.

I knew I needed to find something I actually enjoyed so I thought back to things I enjoyed as a kid - BICYCLING! I bought a bike and that did the trick. I set a goal to ride my bike a certain amount of time every dairy the weather was good. Easy to do because I was having fun.

That led to doing more - adding other things to challenge myself. I added challenging interval training DVDs and then joined a gym so I could do weight training. lol... Before I started weight training way back when I thought it was just for weird guys. I was so surprised when I heard women also did it! I LOVE weight training and growing stronger! Never would have happened if I had not found something I enjoyed to get me started.

Personally, I find my fatloss is a bit more consistent when I am exercising regularly. I also feel better & that is priceless. Do I always feel like doing my workout? No, of course not. But I know it is worth it. It is my goal to be the best me I can be & I am worth the effort it takes to accomplish that.
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