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About 4-5 years ago I did an experiment. I decided to start walking 30 minutes a day (at the prodding of my doctor at the time). So I also cut back on some foods and tried the eat every 3-4 hours thing. So I started with 30 min. a day. Then worked up to 45 minutes and so on. Then I planned out a few routes for variety sake. One was 1.5 miles. A couple of others were 1 mile but 2 different routes.

So after about 3 months I'd lost about 20 pounds! It got so I really Liked walking and missed it if I didn't one day. The dog really enjoyed it too! We went down to a dog park often that turned into my resting place while she played or I'd throw a ball for her. It was just about 3/4 mile there so it turned into 1.5 miles round trip.
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