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Thanks for the interesting ideas! The doctor said that blood sugar readings vary from day to day, so my results haven't necessarily gone up, but it's probably just the difference from one day to another. Although she did suggest avoiding sugar and reducing carbs she said losing weight and exercising more is really the best thing to do at this point. She will also do the A1C test for me in 3 months.

I had a moment of disappointment that my fun diet (JUDDD!) might not be as free as it had been, but then I decided to just make some small changes for now ... changes that should also help with weight loss. My plan is to be more careful/moderate with carbs on up days, add biotin and chromium piccolinate to my supplements to help with insulin resistance, and be consistent with exercise. And keep losing weight with JUDDD!

I'll be interested in the A1C, because my daytime numbers one or two hours after meals have been really great, but my morning fasting numbers are consistently elevated, which could support that "glucose dump" theory for low carbers or IFers?
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