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Originally Posted by Turtle2005 View Post
Higher morning fasting blood glucose levels do happen to some people who are eating low carb diets. It has happened to me. Here is a possible explanation for the phenomenon over at the Hyperlipid blog.

Hyperlipid: Physiological insulin resistance (3); Clarification of FBG

I don't know if he is correct or not, but it sounds logical. I do know that in my own case, my early morning fasting blood sugars are higher than I'd like, but they are good for the rest of the day if I stay low carb. If my doctor questions my FBG I'll ask him to check my h1Ac levels, which is a measure of the overall average blood sugar level. Based on my own testing I'm confident my h1ac number will be good, and not at all indicative of diabetes.
Thanks for providing this link. I was going to point to the same source. Eating low carb can lead to physiological, not pathological (i.e., not an indicator of disease) dumping of glucose by the liver, sort of a "dawn phenomenon" in the non-diabetic, and possibly the same thing might be triggered by intermittent fasting or JUDDD down day low calorie consumption. If I were you, I'd ask the doctor for an HbA1C test as a more reliable measure of blood glucose levels.
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