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Abby- I couldn't agree more! Everyone tells me I don't need to lose weight but it's one thing to look okay in clothes and another thing all together to look good in a bikini! In fact by big event I am prepping for is a one week trip at our vacation home (on a lake so that means bathing suits all day long) We are having 4 couples up to stay with us and the ladies are all skinny!
Onto exciting news: I had a 3 pound woosh this morning!! here's what I ate yesterday:
-coffee with half and half
-2 hamburgers patties (no cheese, only mustard)
-2 small hot dog weiners
-tomato and mozarella salad with balsamic vinegar/olive oil
-2 small glass red wine (going to cut this out as of today!!)
I can't believe I got such a woosh! I'm guessing carbs/calories were pretty low.
So today I am starting on Stillman/Dukan plan. Lean proteins, fat free greek yogurt with oat bran (dukan recommended). going to try this for a few days to see how it goes and how long I can last on this (I think it is going to be VERY hard not to eat cheese or salad)
thanks to everyone for their advice!!!!!!!!!
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