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Thanks guys! I was looking into this and it looks like you basically have all lean protein, FF cottage cheese but no vegetables or salad of any kind? Yikes that sound tough but if it will get results I'm game! I was also looking into Dukan (first phase) and it looks pretty similar except you get FF yogurt instead of FF cottage cheese on Stillmans.
Being an atkins devotee the idea of eating FF yogurt or cottage cheese is scary But it says the carbs in the dairy do not raise your blood sugar the same way other carbs do...have to read more on that.
Macc and Abby- thanks for the link!! I am definitley going to try Stillman's QWL plan. Did you guys eat the cottage cheese on stillmans?
Hot Tamale I am planning on a morning walk daily and hot yoga 3-4 days a week as well.
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