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Hooray for May!!! I am sooo excited about starting this WOE. In all honesty, I am hoping that this will be my ultimate answer for the yearly fluctuations I seem to incur. I have lost and gained back the same 15 pounds each of the past 12 years. I am just so sick of this cycle and want so desperately to break out! I want to feel comfortable in my skin, it has been so many years since I have felt that on a regular basis. I believe many of my struggles are mental, and I will be exploring that aspect as well.

I have read quite a bit here on the JUDDD threads in the past few days. Thank you thank you thank you all for your wisdom and ideas on eating light on DD, I have gleaned so many ideas from posts that I feel well equipped to start this journey to health, weighing less, losing fat and feeling my best. Look forward to learning from you all and moving on in this area of my life!
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