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Originally Posted by Joyjoy View Post
Pat, I get the perfectionism thing. Yikes. Welcome.
6th DD yesterday. It was the easiest by a long shot. I approached dinner as though it was a tapas bar and just nibbled on delicious things. Felt good.
Can't say the scale is doing anything interesting. I lost 2-3 pounds in the first two days, and nothing since. I'll be away from scales for the next two weeks or so. I'm glad for that, because I feel terrific except for that part. My energy is great, my clothes feel great, and I'm beginning to enjoy both UDs and DDs as I relax into them. I feel as though it's important to give this a couple of months before getting frustrated about the scale. If my weight hasn't budged by then, I'll eat my scale on one of my UDs and see if that makes a difference.
I like the way you said "Relax into them".
I am hoping JUDDD is just the ticket for me to learn moderation.
Heck, I'd be thrilled to learn moderation in ANY area of my life.
and LOL at the mental image of you eating your scale.
I'll stick out the 2 months with you.
I think that is more fair than the 2 weeks I was considering.
Besides, I like it here.
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