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Using my scale in a different way

No, not as a decoration, although the thought would be nice.

One of my frustrations with my old scale was that it gave me one set of data (weight) which was very misleading. I'm a guy, and in addition to running 5k's three or 4 times a week, I weight train as well. My weight would be the same for months because of muscle gain, even though I felt and looked better. I know I should have been able to just accept the fact that the scale wouldn't show my progress, and I tried. But no matter what the scale was a source of frustration, and I'm a concrete thinker so having a number to indicate how I was doing was something I just couldn't let go of.

My new scale takes measurements for weight (of course), body fat percentage (not BMI), water weight percentage, muscle percentage, and bone weight.

Now, I know that water weight will alter these other measurements (except actual weight and bone) since they are percentages , but with an easy calculation in my excel file, I instantly convert the fat and muscle percentage into actual weight in fat and muscle which is much more consistent. (This is a very important step -- I would never use the percentages alone because they are altered by water weight).

I know that it's not perfect, but now I have much more data to consider when judging my progress. If I gain weight and I can see more water, then my evidence-minded brain can relax. If I gain weight but I can see numerically a gain in muscle, I can think "that's awesome" instead of "that sucks." BMI and percentages IMHO do not really help, but the calculations derived from percentages have been very helpful to me.

Just an idea for any of you that are frustrated by the scale but want some type of numerical feedback.
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