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It's very common, but it's likely you are a bit more sensitive to carbs than some people. I'm the same way... although I don't count carbs at all, I AM aware of how many are in each thing I eat as well as where the carbs are coming from (in other words, is it sugar, or starch, or fiber, etc?) and I only probably wind up with 20-30 a day max, not subtracting fiber and such to find a "net" number. That's my total count

I'm also insulin resistant (I have PCOS that causes it) and thyroid problems as well, but so long as I stick to around 20-30 carbs a day total I find that I'm able to continue on losing. That's really what LC-ing is sometimes is a big old experiment to determine what our individual bodies can handle

I'd say go ahead and go back to what worked for you (you were saying about 20 carbs) and then if your goal is to see if you can still lose while eating a higher amount, just VERY slowly start increasing the amount you eat and see what happens. Maybe if 20 starts working again, try 25 and see if that affects you. If you're still losing and want to add some more healthy carbs in, try experimenting with 30 at that point. That's how a lot of us find our limits
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