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That makes no sense to me whatsoever... there's extra potassium IN apple cider vinegar, so I don't know how it could possibly lower your levels

To me, I've noticed a difference in the positive direction I SHOULD notice it... which is that I feel like I'm getting extra potassium in my diet now. Which I obviously am

The only thing I could think of to ask your doctor is if you're on BP meds because I know you have to watch supplementing with potassium if you're on those. But the amount in ACV is so small that it shouldn't even be lumped in with the "supplement" category anyway imo, and should go in with the "food" category... which I don't believe those on BP meds need to watch at all.

No one would tell you to be careful eating bananas or avocados for the same reasons, right? So why ACV when it's got so much less than any of those things do?
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