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I have noticed now that I have been doing this for a while that I don't stress NEARLY as much!! I've been sick this week- just starting to feel better, and ended up doing a MD, used to be scared of that, but I now know that it's NOT a big deal!! Did my UD the next day, I know I won't have any problems continuing the rotation after that and if anything I may have prolonged my weightloss for what? ONE DAY???!?!?! Not a big deal in my book!

I like to follow the UD/DD rotation, don't wan't the same day every week and enjoy the straight rotation. But I no longer FEAR if I have to change days for an event... I had an extra UD Easter week- because that is what I needed!!! Back to normal now! And really didn't seem to affect my weightloss even with being so close to goal!

I've added carbs in, Not very high amounts, and am surprised still that I seem to be losing pretty steadily!

I know many have questions but you're right- try NOT to overthink and stress. Went over your DD limit?? That's OK! Have an UD the next day, then MOVE ON!! The rotation will always be there. The longer you do it the more comfortable you will be! I think the one reason we all stress so much is we are worried that it won't work! And many of us are serial dieters that "need" the rules and comfort of knowing what we "can and can't eat" the idea of being able to eat whatever we want within our calorie range (high every other day) is LUDICROUS!!! Hard to wrap your mind around it! I too was worried when I first began! 2 DD's in a row?? Is that ok?? And the answer is yes it is, but then get right back to normal rotation!!!

I guess what I'm trying to say is YES this does get easier! I love all the support here and the great energy everyone contributes! I thank you all! Try not to overthink!!
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