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WOE: Eating healthy, eating LC, and portion control
Start Date: The Day Low Carb Became a WOE and NOT A DIET!!!!!

Our JUDDD WOE is so simple......REALLY!!

It's eat one day and restrict calories the next day.

No food restrictions unless YOU want them or not.

Do it VLC, LC, Moderate Carb or Crazy Carb, it's up to you.

It's not a WOE that needs to be over thought with time limits for UDs and DDs or concern of not getting the right amount of time in between these 2 days.

It's not a WOE that makes you rearrange your life.

It IS a WOE that fits most people because they can eat with family/friends/co-workers and still "fit" in, no special foods, recipes, menus UNLESS you want it to be that way.

It IS a WOE that makes the scale bounce, that is a fact of JUDDD life, but after a while that "fact of JUDDD life" becomes just another thing that happens everyday for most of us and it's no big deal.

It's NOTHING to be afraid of. Even those of us who added carbs back in may have gained a little bit of weight in the beginning but once our bodies realized that it could have carbs and still lose weight that being afraid become being overjoyed that you CAN eat that piece of cake and not just sit there and watch everyone else eat it.

JUDDD is SO simple.......REALLY!!
A man asked Gautama Buddha, "I want happiness." Buddha said, "First remove "I," that's Ego, then remove "want," that's Desire. See now you are left with only "Happiness.

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