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Originally Posted by Yam-Yam View Post
Seabreezes: I took your advice and googled calorie restriction and feeling cold. There's a lot out there!

Here is one quote:

Calorie Conservation

If you quickly reduce your caloric intake, the body often responds negatively by going into conservation mode. As a result, instead of using stored calories to keep you warm as it would under normal circumstances, your body will start to ration them off for more vital needs. Severe calorie restriction will leave you more susceptible to this energy conservation, according to Columbia Health.

Another one talked about "Lost Fat Layer".

I don't think I've lost enough fat to qualify for that one!

Another theory is that during the weight loss process, feeling cold is a sign of a slowing metabolism. Gosh! I hope that's not true. But maybe it goes along with calorie conservation.
I wonder if exercise forces the body to use (stored) calories on DDs? I know when I exert myself--either cleaning house or walking outside, etc., I quickly warm up on DDs. At least while I'm active and for a little bit beyond.

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