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I do eat the smuckers, and have for years. It's really good.
Lately I've been adding some finely ground sea salt. Seems like I'm adding salt to everything these days.
I've also been mixing in some tahini. Love the "zing" it gives to the peanut butter. But I was looking at Almond Butter in publix and they all had "no stir" on the label even though they also said "all natural" The No Stir means that the almond oil is replaced or supplemented with palm oil.
I won't buy it, so next stop will be the local health food store. I expect they will have almond butter that is simply ground up almonds, at least I hope so. I hate buying food products through the mail but I see netrition has a product that is simply raw almond butter. I'll get it there if I have to.
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