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After an especially hungry DD yesterday, I'm eating so much this morning to fill up my growling stomach. I KNOW now that waiting for dinner on DD for my first meal isn't for me. I was fine my other DDs when I spread out the calories. Live & learn! Tomorrow, I'll go back to eggbeaters for most of the day. I don't mind them either.

B: Cereal/1% milk, skinny bagel, laughing cow wedge

L: 2 cups tomato/bell pepper/mushroom soup (homemade)

D: I have 2 potatoes that I need to use so maybe stuff them for DH and I.

S: 1 cup 0% fat Greek plain yogurt W/SF Blackberry Jam mixed in (this mixture only has 110 calories!)
My short-term goal is to reach 175 lbs. This is at a weight loss average of 1 lbs/week, which should be reached by February 29, 2012.

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