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for breakfast, 1/2 apple, 70

for lunch I made my own version of a homemade Subway Tuna Salad with bell pepper and cucumber, about half the amount of tuna they use, 180

for supper, a Fresco Crunchy Taco from Taco Bell, 140

So, 390, unless I decide to have a little treat, but I don't need it. Sodium is already at 510, and that's enough for a DD, so it will be an ice cream type treat (fudgsicle, maybe) or nothing, to hold sodium low.

Sounds good, stargazer.

Luv2Eat ! oooooooh, pie! (yay) To me, that would be the normal "skin" of the pudding, which is a delicacy among true pudding lovers, LOL!

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