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[quote=sorenkkg;15578038]So, this is a weird concept for me-- I might get to eat pasta again. (love JUDDD).

I know I haven't been around the JUDDD forum much lately, but I see in your stats that you are still pretty new to JUDDD. My guess is that you came to JUDDD from a more standard low carb eating plan, but since you can eat carbs in any amount on JUDDD, you want to! And I can't blame you.

And what your soul is reaching for is that pasta. So I will just mention a couple of things here for you to be aware of, which you may already be.

LOTS of us leaped into carbs when we first started this, just because we realized that we now could, and we'd missed some of the carb favorites for so long while doing only low carb. And, as far as JUDDD goes, that's fine, and JUDDD doesn't care... as long as you still respect and stick to your UD and DD calorie numbers. That's the key here.

When we re-introduce carbs in our diet, we also regain lost water weight, and that regained water weight shows up on the scale, so many are afraid JUDDD isn't working for them, when in fact, they are only gaining water weight again, but may indeed be losing body fat at the same time... it just isn't showing up on the scale because it's being overshadowed by the water weight gain. So, if that happens to you when you start eating pasta again, don't panic! It all levels off.

After we've been on JUDDD for awhile, we almost always find that it has somehow moderated our former response to our former trigger foods. We get to the stage when that little *carb addict* who lives inside our brains seems to die away and not goad us anymore. It's not that we don't still find those beloved foods delicious. It's that we can eat a reasonable portion and truly enjoy the heck out of it, and not feel the compulsion to do the glutton thing.

We don't have to finish the baking pan of brownies. We can have more on our next UD. Or maybe not. Maybe we'll have a piece of pie on that day. Well, whatever we want at that time. Because we have all of the rest of our lives to eat brownies, or pie, or... pasta. We don't have to overeat it, because it will always be there. It will never go away. It will never be forbidden to us again. And it's just one delicious food in a whole world of delicious food. And we get to eat any of it we choose, forever.

There is only one rule to it: Respect your calorie numbers! If you do that, you won't overeat. If you respect your numbers, you will become slim during the same weeks and months that you are eating pasta. And if you don't respect your calorie numbers, you may well find yourself in trouble. That's where you don't want to go.

Now, all of this being said, you are still pretty new to JUDDD, and it hasn't had very long to work on you inside.. inside your body and your brain and in the balance of the chemical soup that is your individual makeup. So you may not be to the point where you can eat pasta and not be triggered to overeat it. I strongly recommend you weigh out on a food scale the correct ounces of dry pasta that is a single serving, or two servings if you are going to eat that much of it, and add those calories into your food log, and feed yourself only that portion of it. Don't just serve yourself from the pot or bowl, free-style!

As you go along, you learn some wonderful control, and that is part of what enables you to eat very, very well of anything you choose forever. It's a lot of fun! We just have to follow the JUDDD rules and not blow it!

Enjoy your pasta.
Best wishes, Pat

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