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Totally agree about pasta being a trigger! I used to live on pasta, as a teenage vegan living in a house of meat eaters, I had pasta with tomato sauce nearly every night when I got back from school. I always found myself hungry again about 2 hours later.

Haven't eaten pasta for months now, and I can't say I miss it at all. I do use shiritaki occasionally but I prefer them in asian dishes. So if I am making a pasta dish for my boyfriend I will usually have the sauce with vegetables & protein.

My favourite thing to do is cut long strips of courgette (zucchini) and aubergine, and maybe some asparagus, rub with a bit of olive oil and garlic and cook the strips in a griddle pan, and serve them on top of pasta sauce. I never thought I would say this but I much prefer it to a bowl of pasta now!!

Spaghetti squash is really nice too but I can't get hold of it very often in the UK Trying to grow some!!

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