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Hey, Denise! Back in 2004, I couldn't barely walk to our mailbox out front, nor out back to the compost pile, without breathing hard and heavy, couldn't go to any event because couldn't walk up and down those stairs to get to a seat in any arena, couldn't walk through turnstiles at amusement parks, etc. Began using the exercise bike we have in our living room, husband already used it for years. First day, did 7 minutes!!! lol But every day, was able to do more and more, been doing it faithfully for all these years, day in and day out, weekends, holidays, makes no difference, we do it. That bike has been our savior. Maybe that exercise would help you, I don't know. I don't always eat well every day over these past years, BUT, that bike gets ridden, no excuses about "it's too hot outside,", or can't get to a gym, etc. Figure out exercise you can and will do at home, no dressing up, etc. Housework really isn't enough exercise, to build up fitness. Walking is great, don't know if you are into that. Just DO something, every single day.
I lost the initial weight on "Deal A Meal", before I was on this site.

Take care of yourselves, friends.

I have to be on the phone, getting someone to turn on the gas at the house, lol...........
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