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Originally Posted by Deen73 View Post
Lol, Lili -- ice cream for dinner sounds good! Well, it WOULD sound good, had I not just gorged myself at the Melting Pot with my family. We went out with my mom to celebrate Mother's Day and her two granddaughters birthdays all at once (she's going to be traveling on the actual dates) and... omg...

So... cheese fondue, all sorts of steak and shrimp cooked in court boullion and White/milk chocolate swirl fondue for dessert. I think it's safe to say I've had my first UUAD. I'm looking forward to DD tomorrow, I really am. My whole day is gonna say, like -- Tea and a tomato slice. lol :P
Best part of the Melting Pot is the cheese and the chocolate desserts. Totally worth the UUAD.

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