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Originally Posted by Maggie View Post
So far, this has been easier than any other "diet" I've been on, and that shocks me. I thought it would be a huge ordeal for me to give up what I have.

I just now spent an hour (!) SCRUBBING my house. I only had to stop because I was hungry. I've never had that kind of energy. I mean, I keep a clean house, but I've neglected detail cleaning it for awhile now. I'll be going back to it when I'm done eating my salmon/mayo lunch.
A word of warning about the mayo -- it can cause stomach aches when you are in NK. This is blamed on the high omega-3 fatty acid content of the soybean oil used to make mayo. But I think I have gotten a stomach ache from mayo I made myself, from very light olive oil. Should be little or no omega-3's in that. (Unless it really is "very light" because soy bean oil has been added to it...) So I am not absolutely sure.

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