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My advice probably depends on what you mean by starving, but here is what I think might be happening based on my experience, so I hope it helps.

If you are eating enough calories (ie. eating at your maintenance) you shouldn't be starving when you wake up because the body should be used to fasting overnight. If what you are feeling is ravenous hunger then the hunger you are feeling might be associated with the effects of hypoglycemia and your body doesn't know how to regulate its blood glucose levels as well as it should. Chances are this is because you might have some type of insulin disorder. This is probably caused by eating too many carbs. But I am not a medical professional it is just a hunch, and you probably have to experiment with your diet to get the right carb/protein/fat ratio to make this ravenous hunger go away.

Having said that though, if you are undereating and trying to lose weight then the hunger you feel is normal. But it feels different, at least on me it does. When I under-eat I get a low level burning sensation in my stomach. It is bareable and if I drink a cup of coffee in the morning with some heavy cream it in, I can usually go for a few more hours. Not that I want to do this, but the difference is with the "carb induced" hunger, I can't ignore it. Where as the with the authentic hunger it is possible to ignore it if I have to.
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