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Okay, I know I do a lot of planning and I am a year into this game. On Sunday morning I cook an entire dozen of scrambled eggs and meat of my choice (bacon, sausage, etc) to add to it. I portion it out so that I get about 2 eggs and meat per serving. Each morning I grab one of these and take it to work. Throw a little cheese and green salsa on it and bam... filling easy breakfast. Sometimes I add some liquid to it if it looks a little dry and the heat up in the microwave and are yum. I've made the quiche before, but I like the scrambled better right now. Although the quiche is easier to portion out. Also, you can make a MIM quick. I keep a half dozen bags of the dry stuff ready to go and all I have to do is add the wet. Just it case. Also, I just discovered OOPSIE rolls. I was thinking of making a weeks worth of Egg McSYAs. Oopsie rolls with egg, sausage, bacon, cheese, etc between it. And put them in the fridge or freezer and grab one each day to heat up.
Okay, and you can make yourself a sandwich without egg too. Oopsie roll plus your fillings.
On Sunday I also crock pot up a meal. Usually a roast or some sorty of meaty yuminess that I can use to make meals with. Meat already done up plus a veggie is an easy meal. I've been stuck on those steamer asparagus right now and 1 steamer bag is two meals for me.
Oh, and lately I've been making a soup every weekend that is carb friendly and taking it in to munch on. Taco soup is my sons favorite. There is a great easy recipe for easy Creamy Taco Soup on this board.
Oh, I keep ham and roast beef sandwich slices in the fridge with pickles. dipped in sauce of choice...
I always keep my freezer full of steamer bags. and some frozen meat. Take them out in the AM and I have lunch and dinner and breakfasts if I want.

Fail to plan=plan to fail
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