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Originally Posted by drjlocarb View Post
Bella, I was eating less than 20 carbs a day with no regard for macros. According to the urine strips, I was in ketosis the entire time. My protein was high and the major component of my diet. I got stuck in the fat adds too many calories mantra and at that time I was eating mainly meat and veggies. I had NO idea how many grams of protein I was consuming. And didn't care.

I spent several months weighing my food to retrain my brain on what that amount of protein "looked" like. Then, once I got the macros in line, it took over 2 months of that lower protein and higher fat to get the blood ketone readings over 0.5. Once the blood ketones were in range, I dropped some of the fat and allowed my body to provide those calories.

It took me about 4 months to get everything in line and to start losing any weight.
What a nice and thorough description of all you had to go through. I didn't realize that. Most things make it sound like "it" should happen quicker than that. I have to be more patient, thanks again.
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