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Doug, is that In & Out usually so packed with people when you stop by there? It was packed, and people were squeezing onto tables outside, never saw anything like it before!

We walked Downtown Disney, had lunch and waited for them to call when the room was ready, got in here after 1:30, dh is napping, he is worn out already. Has a cough ever since we hit Arizona, so may need to stop at urgent care at some point if it continues.

Hoping Louise is doing allright.
Begete, hope you and John get rid of those colds soon, so you can get out again.
Linda, hope you are better.
Sharon, is the therapy still going on, and for how long?

Janis, wishing you a safe trip down "south".

The traffic was a mess down here, lol, bumper to bumper, we got here after 9 am in the area, and it was still commute time.

Waving at Gladys, and yes, we are doing these trips now rather than waiting till we are older and can't travel anymore. Been meeting several other Vietnam Vets all along the trip, and just today, dh met 5 of them just after checking into the hotel.

Julie, I'd take Linda's suggestion and check out some other companie's rate, just to see, doesn't cost anything. We switched back to what we had in Calif., over what we changed to when we moved.

Take care of yourselves!

Donít just do something, stand there!

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