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Good morning y'all...normal Monday for me; opening the family history center for the missionaries, then looking for trouble to get into. Will do some study while there...not sure what but I do need to review last week's Spanish lesson, so that'll probably be it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, tho', as I'm going to be visiting a tyro to cooking and starting her on the path. I couldn't believe that a 20-something lady has no idea of cooking, so when she asked for lessons in Relief Society, I jumped at the chance to teach. She say's she can't cook anything but is a whiz with the microwave. Will definitely let you know how it goes tomorrow. I'm going over to see what she has in her kitchen and what she wants to learn.

Janis, enjoy the visit with the boyfriend (and I agree that it does sound funny at our ages, but enjoy the relationship.) Have you checked out Jet Blue fares? My niece recently came down from Sacto and said their fares were so much better than Southwest....of course, they don't fly into every port, but maybe it'll work for you, too.

Enjoy our cool weather, Doris, as you know for sure the temps will climb...probably about the time you hit the central valley...chuckle.

Susan, hope your DS shakes the bug and can continue his trip without too much difficulty. I'm sure you're glad to be back home and settling back into your routine.

Waving at all the rest and wishing you a great day...type ya later.
Mary in SoCal

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