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Originally Posted by Kissa View Post
I eat when it is right for me. I read all the things about eating windows but I need to keep that sense of freedom that JUDDD/5:2 gives me.

I often eat nothing on DDs until the evening. But if lunch or breakfast suit me that day, that's what I do. Interestingly UDs are often much the same, though with somewhat larger amounts, lol.

Why do I ever doubt this wonderful way of life?

I didn't feel happy when I saw 128 yesterday morning after my 3 lovely UDs. Yesterday was a DD no different to usual. Around 400 calories.

This morning 125.4.

This works!
Originally Posted by KeirasMom View Post
I also continue to be amazed. My last two DDs were each 450 calories (quite high for me), and my UDs were often 1800-1900. Today, I weighed 154.4, a new low by nearly a pound.
That's so awesome Dawn and Cindy!! Hope it works for me! Haven't really been able to get a good idea if it is or not yet because I've had birthday bliss and TOM the second week of my 4:3. So I sure hope it works for me too!
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