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ah, thanks, those are some very good ideas! i have never brought low carb food on a trip before, we always just stop and eat somewhere, didnt realize i didnt HAVE to eat a sandwich if everyone wants to go to subway. Also didnt know i wasnt eating enough fat!

I am 5'6" but have always been fairly thin, I was around 130 maybe less a few years ago but was working out so much so a lot of it was muscle. in high school (im 22 now) i was about 139, but again had a lot of muscle from sports. I think around 130-135 is reasonable for me, i cant see me weighing any less, i never have. I also store most fat on my thighs and stomach/ love handles, and i surely can loose some more fat from those places! lol thanks though, i know i wont be a size 0 and i dont want to be, just want to be more comfortable with my body
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